Review: Wonder Woods

In Wonder Woods, you try to pick the tastiest mushrooms, but you and your opponents don't know which mushrooms are worth the most!


Geronimo Games




Game overview

Wonder Woods is a game of bluffing and deduction. You try to figure out which mushrooms are the best to take and then, of course, you want the most of them!

You start the game with a number of baskets in your supply and cards in your hand. These baskets can be placed on mushroom boards. Next to these mushroom boards is a secret score card showing the value of that mushroom, which you will see at the end of the game! The cards in your hand already give you hints as to what values the mushrooms don't have anyway, so if you could see all the cards from other players you would know exactly what cards should be under the board. The starting player begins by placing a basket, after which players continue to do the same in a clockwise direction until all baskets are used up. Each time you place a basket down you may take 1 corresponding mushroom. Mushrooms become increasingly expensive, if you are the second player to place a basket on a board in a round it already costs 2 baskets and so on.

When all baskets are used up or no one can place more baskets, the round is over. The player with the most baskets on a board gets an extra mushroom (if there is one). You also get the chance to buy an extra basket, but you have to place a card in your hand face-up on the table. This gives you increasing hints towards the end of the game as to which mushrooms could be worth more. When at least 2 mushroom supplies are completely empty you finish the round and the game ends. You reveal the score cards and add up the points of all the mushrooms you have harvested. The player with the most points wins the game!

Our thoughts

Wonder Woods is a new, compact and fast-paced game from Geronimo Games with cute artwork and fun wooden meeples! Hidden behind that cute exterior is a particularly mean game! That's because Wonder Woods combines set collection with bluffing. Sounds fascinating, but does it play nice?

Wonder Woods lasts about 20 minutes. That's fine, because this is a game that only becomes fun after playing 2 or 3 times with the same fellow players. The game rules are incredibly simple and you can start playing right away, but there is an art to figuring out how to win. There is a lot of luck involved in the game, but you definitely have to keep thinking and put your best poker face on. You are definitely being tactical while playing. What information do you reveal? What do you notice about your opponent? By making the right choices, you try to score the most points yourself and fool your opponents. You really do need a practice game for this.

In Wonder Woods, playing a few games in a row is not a problem. A game doesn't take too long and you reset the game in no time. It is a perfect game to put on the table after dinner or to end a nice, long game night. In fact, it's a game that is always appropriate, provided you have the right group. Of course, your fellow players have to get in on the bluffing game! 

All in all, Wonder Woods is not mega innovative, but certainly a fun and entertaining game. Are you still looking for quick and easy games to add to your collection and can your gaming group stand some bluffing? Then Wonder Woods is a great addition!

Pros and cons

+ Fast
+ Entertaining
+ Tactical

- High luck factor


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Geronimo Games.