Review: Trapwords

In Trapwords, you make your way through a dungeon by describing words to your fellow player, but be careful not to use trapwords!


Czech Games Edition




Game overview

Trapwords is a party game in which you compete as teams to be the first to reach the end of the dungeon and defeat the monster!

A round in trapwords consists of several steps. First, both teams draw a card and put it in their booklet, revealing a word. This is the word the other team has to guess. It is now up to you to first start writing down some trapwords, that is, words that can trap your opponent. Each space on the dungeon tiles shows the number of trap words you may write that round. So you have to think of some words that you think the other team will use to describe the word in the booklet. When you have written down these words you exchange the booklets and you may start guessing or describing. You try to describe the word on the book as best you can without mentioning trapwords. As soon as you mention a trapword, the other team immediately says stop and you may not continue in the dungeon. 

There may also be curses in a particular space. This means that you also have to abide by certain rules while describing, such as saying all of your hint in one breath. There is also a monster waiting at the end where there is also a special rule in play. The first one to defeat this final space wins the game!

Our thoughts

We love playing extensive board games, but certainly don't say no to a fun party game either! We often find word games especially fun to play. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun party and word games out there. Trapwords is a good example!

Trapwords is an original word game with easy rules, original mechanics and funny but challenging gameplay. The nice thing about Trapwords is that there are 2 "variants" in the game. Namely one with everyday words and one with fantasy words. So you can play Trapwords with your fantasy group of friends, but also just with your parents! 

Trapwords reminds us of a combination of Forbidden Word and Codenames. It is the perfect party game for fans of Codenames, So Clover and Just One. The fun extra additions, for example the curse where you are only allowed to give hints in the same breath, make the game original and extremely funny. Playing Trapwords definitely creates fun situations at the table.

Because there is a fair amount of downtime in the game, Trapwords can sometimes take a bit long. Not everyone will enjoy the game round after round. Fortunately, this is not always the case. 

Trapwords is an entertaining game that you can actually play with anyone. It is a nice change from other popular party and word games. 

Pros and cons

+ Fun with a group
+ A lot of different words
+ Fun theme

- Takes a bit long for what it is
- Only playable from 4 players and up


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Czech Games Edition.