Review: Tiny Towns

In Tiny Towns you are the mayor of a small town in the woods. Will you build the most prosperous Tiny Town?


White Goblin Games 

+/- 45



Game explanation

In Tiny Towns you are the mayor of a small city in the woods. Your Tiny Town is inhabited by small adorable creatures. But don't underestimate it! Your town is small and the resources are scarce. As a mayor you take everything you can, you never say no! Be smart with the resources you receive and build a prospering town! Make sure that the town won't overflow with wasted resources. The mayor that built the most prosperous Tiny Town, wins the game! 

Your Tiny Town consists of a 4x4 playing board with 16 construction sites. By placing resources in a certain pattern on the playing board, you can build buildings like a theatre, monastery and an orchard. The base game contains 25 different buildings and 15 monuments. For every building and monument you need different resources that you have to place in a certain pattern. Besides that, every building gives you victory points in a different way. Tiny Towns lets you vary endlessly for hours of fun. Every game is different! There is also another game variant called 'The Town Hall' that works just a bit different. Enough to explore in your own Tiny Town!

Our thoughts

 Tiny Towns is, in our opinion, a worthy addition to every game shelf! The game is beautifully designed, the pretty colours and pictures immediately put you in a happy mood. The game is very easy to understand and easy to explain to new players. The game contains a compact manual where all the rules are explained clearly. You can start playing within 15 minutes! Make no mistake though, Tiny Towns is a challenging puzzle! Scoring points is quite hard (especially in a really competitive game when everyone tries to disrupt each other).  

Because Tiny Towns is easy to understand you can play the game with the whole family. It is a really fun family game. However, there is enough challenge to entertain the more experienced players. 

The replayability of the game is great, because you can vary endlessly with the building cards and the game variant. This game variant is fun if you want to play with more luck. Here you are dependant on the cards you draw from the resource card deck. 


In Tiny Towns you can choose to play a competitive game and disrupt each other, but you also have the space to play a peaceful game where you leave each other alone. We don't always like to disrupt each other and are happy that there are enough options to keep the peace in our Tiny Town. 

We enjoy Tiny Town a lot because you have a lot of interaction with each other. Everything you do influences your opponents. Besides that, everyone is playing at the same time. No one has to wait and that makes the time pass very quickly. But that happens in Tiny Towns, because time flies when you're having fun!

Playing with 2 players

We have only played Tiny Towns with 2 players and are a big fan! You are both working on your own puzzle at the same time and you have a lot of interaction. Thus, a game of Tiny Towns is always nice! We are curious how it plays with more players, because you will get more resources from other players and the game will be even more challenging. But that certainly seems like a fun challenge to us!

 Pros and cons

+ Easy to learn rules
+ Fast setup
+ Lots of interaction
High replayability

Some building- and monument cards are better than others