Review: Starlink

Starlink is a party game in which you will draw shapes for the other players. Each correctly drawn or guessed word earns you points!


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Game overview

Starlink is a party game where you are going to draw words that other players have to guess.

When it's your turn, you will draw a card from the pile which then has 2 words on it. The player may choose one of these words and try to draw it. You turn over the timer and then you have one minute to draw the chosen word. However, there are rules attached to this. You may only draw from star to star in a straight line. So your final drawing consists only of straight lines. When you're done drawing, the other players may guess what you drew. If a player gets it wrong, he may not guess again but must wait until another player had a wrong guess. Did a player get it right? Then the drawer and the player who guessed correctly get the points indicated on the card. You also write the word next to the drawing. If the word is not guessed you erase the drawing to make room for other drawings.

The game is over when the game board is full or when each player has been the drawer twice. The player with the most points then wins the game!

Our thoughts

Starlink is a game that reminds us of games like Party&Co and Pictionary but different in an incredibly fun way. It is a party game that fits in perfectly with 30 Seconds, Dixit, Codenames and other fast and funny games. The rules are simple, the game itself plays fast and you are guaranteed a lot of laughter!

You can usually only play party games like Starlink with more than 2 players. Starlink also does not have a 2 player version in the game rules. Yet we have played Starlink with 2 players several times. It is very simple to adjust the game rules. We had changed the rules so that the one who draws gets the points that are on the card and the one who gives the right answer also gets 1 point. According to the rules, each player must get 2 turns, but we just played on until the board was full. It was far too funny to stop. The rules of the game are very simple, but the drawing is incredibly difficult! We regularly had the most bizarre drawings in the stars. We are not exaggerating when we say that we had tears in our eyes from laughing. As far as we are concerned, Starlink is also successful for 2 players!

Starlink is really a game to have in your collection if you play a lot with people who never play board games. The game rules are recognizable to most people and you can start playing within a minute. Additionally, the game doesn't have to take too long, so you can play Starlink with your most impatient friends. Personally, we think that this kind of games really can't be missing in your collection. We really like to have a nice collection of simple and fast party games in our collection for evenings with friends. A funny game like this with a nice theme is very suitable for this!

If, however, you already have a lot of party games like Dixit or Pictionary in your collection, this might not be the game to add to your collection. For us, one or two games in this genre are enough. With 2 people it was therefore fun to have played once, but it is not a game that you quickly put on the table with 2. If you often play with a group of people that's a different story.

If you often play this game with the same group of people, it might be fun to come up with your own words. After all, there are not an infinite number of cards in the box. But how much fun is it to think up even more difficult words of your own that your friends have to draw? With this you can even play a personalized game of Starlink. Because the game is so simple in terms of rules, you can easily put your own spin on it.

During our next game nights, we will definitely bring Starlink. With this party game we always have the perfect start to the evening with us! 

Pros and cons

+ Fast
+ Easy rules
+ Fun theme

- Pictionary but different


This game has been kindly gifted to us for preview purposes by Geronimo Games.