Review: Split

Split is a fast-paced card game in which you must always play a card in between two other cards.


Jumbo Games




Game overview

Split is a fast-paced card game in which you try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible.

You start split with 7 cards in your hand. The starting player starts with 2 more and must place his highest and lowest card on the table. After that, players always take turns placing a card that fits between those 2 values. The player who comes after you may decide on which pile that card goes. In this way, the difference between the cards gets smaller and smaller until someone can't play. If someone cannot, the game is reset and that player takes 3 cards and puts his highest and lowest cards on the table again. In addition to regular cards, there are also wild cards that you can always put on the table. This way you can sometimes make the difference bigger again!

If a player runs out of cards, that player is the winner of Split!

Our thoughts

Split is a card game that can find a place in everyone's game cabinet. Thanks to the simple rules and the different game modes you can play Split with everyone, both competitively and cooperatively. It is a small card game, which in our eyes you should have a few of in your collection anyway. Nowadays there is a lot of choice when it comes to these types of card games. So is Split the right card game for you?

Split is quick to play and that's an immediate plus for us. You have the rules explained in less than 5 minutes. Ideal when you want to play a quick game, for example between larger board games at a game night, or when you go to your parents for coffee. They are perfect games to take with you and play if you happen to have 15 minutes to spare. We like to have some choice when it comes to these types of games. 

The game is funny and plays in an innovative, fun way. We will say right away that this is especially the case with more than 2 players. With 2 players you have a strange dynamic and the game can sometimes be awkward. In fact, there can be situations where one player has an awful lot of advantage. Therefore, a two-player game sometimes feels unfair. We find the dynamics with more players much more fun. Since one of our favorite card games is Cahoots, we also tried the cooperative mode with 2 players. In Cahoots, this works well. In Split, we didn't find the coop mode very engaging. Personally, we would still put Cahoots on the table if we feel like playing a coop card game with 2 players.

In short, Split is a fun and innovative card game, but for optimal gaming pleasure you play it with more than 2 players! In our opinion, Split is a nice addition to your collection of small(er) card games. 

Pros and cons

+ Simple rules
+ Innovative gameplay
+ Cooperative mode

- Not balanced with 2 players


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Jumbo Games.