Review: Sock Monsters

In Sock Monsters, you try to be the first to collect 3 pairs of socks by moving your monster around the game board!




Game overview

Sock Monsters is a memory game in which you play a monster who is looking for sock pairs.

The game board in Sock Monsters consists of a field with all closed tiles. Some of these tiles contain an image in your colour. You must try to find unique images in your colour that you turn over with your pawn. If you do, you may take 2 socks from the bag. If you pick up two of the same socks, you are lucky and can place them on your board right away so that no one else can take them away. If you don't have a pair, you can put them in your supply, but then you have to watch out that other players don't take those socks with the help of monsters!

At the beginning of a turn, you roll a die. Depending on the colour, you may then move a monster. Beneath this monster is a die which moves every time you move to another square. If the die shows an open eye after movement, you may view an adjacent tile without showing it to your opponent. If it's a tile you need, you must go there as soon as possible!

The game ends when a player has 3 pairs of socks of the same colour. It is not always the case that if you have all 3 unique tiles, you win the game. Sometimes you have to steal from your opponent!

Our thoughts

Sock Monsters is a colourful family game aimed primarily at children. Usually, children's games are not that interesting for adults, but Sock Monsters contains a nice twist! This children's game is simply a legacy game. Of course it is no Pandemic or Clank! Legacy, but it is still a lot of fun!

With Sock Monsters were already triggered by the fun, cheerful colours and cute artwork. We can certainly imagine that children also get super excited by the box and the even cuter play material. But let's be honest, we adults also find it important that a game looks nice! Sock Monsters has certainly succeeded in this.

Not unimportant in a children's game are the rules and the actions. These are all very simple and clear in Sock Monsters. Not much is possible and that keeps the game clear for young and old. Children can understand the game very well, but still Sock Monsters offers a nice puzzle for adults. Sock Monsters takes you back to the days of memory in a fun way. You have to remember which tiles you have turned and what they say. In practice, we found this very difficult! You do all this by moving a monster with a die across the game board. The child in us was definitely brought out by this action. You roll the die under your monster and only when you are finished you can see on which side it has landed. We think this is very nicely done! 

The game itself is fairly simple. You basically do the same thing every turn until there is a winner. This is where the legacy element comes in! Without the extra elements, both children and adults would quickly tire of the game. The legacy element, however, ensures that Sock Monsters remains fun for a long time. You discover new game material and new rules that change the basic game. We are not going to give away too much of this, because it is just super fun to discover this yourself! What we can say for sure is that the boxes you can open, contain nice things like socks with special powers! Not only for children, but also for adults it is a party to open these boxes.

Sock Monsters is in our opinion the best game of the moment to buy if you often play with children. This game will be enjoyed by both the children and the adults who play along. That is not something that happens easily with children's games. That is why we are very enthusiastic about Sock Monsters! 

Pros and cons

+ Tactical
+ Fun mechanism that adjusts the die when you move
+ Extra replayability thanks to secret extra's

- For adults it can be a bit too childish


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Happy Meeple Games.