Review: So Clover

In the cooperative game So Clover, you are going to describe 2 words with 1 other word that must then be guessed by your fellow players.


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Game overview

So Clover is a party game in which you try to describe 2 words with 1 other word.

In this simple word game, you get a clover board that you can write on with a marker. You also get 4 cards each with 4 words on the sides. You put these on a random position on your clover, so you may not choose which words go where. Then you will get 2 words on each leaf. You have to combine these words and describe them with 1 word. For example, with the words 'foam' and 'sea' you can write water. You do this for all 4 leaves in total. Then you take off the cards, add 1 random card and put it in the middle. Everyone will do this phase at the same time, so everyone will have their clover finished at about the same time.

When everyone is ready, you start guessing the clovers. The player who drew the words is not allowed to give away anything and is also not allowed to give hints. The other players try to place the cards in the correct order so that each leaf contains the correct words. If the outcome is correct in one go, you get one point for each correctly guessed card and two bonus points. If it is wrong, the player who drew it removes the wrong card(s) and the other players have 1 more chance. After that, the players get one point for each correct card. The game continues until everyone's clover has been guessed. You then add up all the points and that is your combined final score!

Our thoughts

Party games are loved by many people. Many board game enthusiasts probably have experience with games like 30 seconds. In our case, it was one of the first games we played. However, not all party games are equally fun. In addition, party games usually cannot be played with 2 people. These are all reasons why we do not have many party games in our collection. However, recently we became more and more interested in party games. During a cozy evening with friends and/or family, we find it very nice to play multiple games. When there are people in your party that play little or no board games, then party games are ideal. When we came across So Clover, we decided to give this game a try. It seemed to us a perfect addition to our collection!

We love cooperative games, but also definitely love it when you can laugh during a party game. So Clover clearly offers these elements. This party game is simple, but strongly implemented. Because of the clear, but easy rules, you can also play this game with people who never play games. Make no mistake though, it is still quite difficult to make the right links in this game, so there is plenty of challenge! So Clover knows how to fascinate even the experienced players.

Everyone we have played So Clover with so far is enthusiastic and wants to play again immediately. The game can captivate you from beginning to end. Thanks to the clever mechanism that everyone is simultaneously working on their own player board or discussing the correct answers, you never have to wait for your turn. A game of So Clover therefore never gets boring. Everyone wants to win and there is never a single loser. All the more fun when you win together! Good thinking and cooperation are certainly rewarded in So Clover, because you play cooperatively.

So Clover is fun in groups. Officially, you can only play So Clover with 3 or more players. We have played So Clover several times with 2 people. Just on the couch, thinking up words for each other and then guessing. In this way it is perhaps more a fun activity to pass the time, than a game, but it is certainly fun! We will probably play So Clover in this way many more times, but besides that, this great party game now goes standard in our game bag to game nights! 

Pros and cons

+ Simple rules
+ Fast plays
+ Cooperative
+ Everyone plays at the same time 

- Not a game you will play all night


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Repos Production.