Review: Shelfie Stacker

In Shelfie Stacker, you're going to expand your already far too large board game collection and organise the new games on your game shelf!


Arkus Games




Game overview

Shelfie Stocker is a puzzle game where elements of pattern building and hand management play an important role. In Shelfie Stacker, you're going to arrange new board games in the best way possible on your game shelf (spellenplank!).

You begin the game with a number of cards with certain powers and a number on them. The number determines the order of dice selection. You may then use the power once whenever you want during the game. The player with the lowest number is the first to choose from 3 different sets of 3 dice. You then place these dice on your player board. There are of course rules associated with this. For example, you must start at the bottom of a column and you may only place increasing numbers of the same color in that column. If you can't or don't want to place a die, it goes on your shelf of shame and you get minus points for it at the end.

Using the cards you play at the beginning of a round, you will have enough influence on the dice you put on your shelf. This often allows you to still put a bad set to good use. At the end of the game you add up all the points you score for your stacks of games and goals and the player with the most points wins the game!

Our thoughts

Shelfie Stacker is truly a tribute to the board game world. The game is so recognizable because we ourselves barely have room for new games anymore. We also have to rearrange our shelf every time. The rules are clear and we have never laughed so hard while reading game rules. After 5 minutes we could actually start playing right away. In fact, the game rules were not only very funny to learn, but also easy. 

The fun theme and the easy and clear rules make the game play very enjoyable. It really is a puzzle game that is comparable in level to Sagrada. We also immediately noticed some similarities. Especially the placement of the dice with a certain number is something you see back in the game.  For us, the inside jokes and the theme are already reason enough to keep this game in our collection. In addition, we love puzzle games like Sagrada and Azul and don't mind having more games like this in our collection. If you already have these games and are not necessarily looking for more of the same, then we can imagine that you are hesitant to add Shelfie Stacker to your collection. If you ask us, we say yes. Just because of the theme, this one can't be missing from your collection! 

 The cards in this game are really a necessary addition though. Without them you don't have many options and it would quickly become boring. It is important to use them in a tactical way and therefore it gives just that little extra what it needs. This mechanism also makes the game surprisingly challenging and increases replayability. 

In addition to the base game, there is also an expansion called Deluxe Deliveries. This expansion fits in the box and adds a number of new mechanics. For example, you have an extra end of game goal and a dice tile where the dice stay on it after a round. For these dice you get bonuses if you pick them up later. The expansion is divided into modules so you can add anything you like.

If you are somewhat at home in the board game world and have many games in your collection, this theme is hilarious and recognizable. In addition, it is also just a lot of fun to play. We think this game should definitely not be missing on your game shelf!

Pros and cons

+ Hilarious references
+ Clear and simple
+ Cards add a tactical mechanism

- Not really a new gaming experience


This game has been kindly gifted to us for preview purposes by Arkus Games.