Review: Rome in a Day

Conquer Rome in a day in this simple strategy game - Rome in a Day combines the 'I cut you choose' mechanism with tile laying!


Alley Cat Games




Game overview

Rome in a Day is a simple strategy game in which you start claiming and dividing lands to make as much profit as possible.

You start the game with a stack of closed land tiles and a card showing which buildings you have to place each round. The game consists of 4 rounds in which you take the 4 top tiles from your pile and place the buildings from the card on the first 2. Now you can divide the tiles into 2 groups. Your opponent may take one of the groups of tiles. So look carefully at what you need and make it attractive for your opponent to take the other group of tiles. Put a crystal on the smallest group of tiles. After making the groups, show the tiles and let your opponent choose 1 group. You too may choose 1 group from your opponent. Then you place the chosen tiles with your country. 

At the end of the game, you get points for all buildings and adjacent areas of the same type. So a red building must be on or adjacent to a red group of tiles. You then get one point for each tile in that group. In addition, you also get points for the crystals you have. The player with the most points after the 4th round wins the game!

Our thoughts

Rome in a Day is an incredibly streamlined and entertaining game that combines the 'I cut you choose' mechanism and tile laying. You will have learned and played the game in no time and are guaranteed to want to play another game afterwards!

The game rules of Rome in a Day are easy to understand. You master the rules in no time and, especially since there is little set-up, you can therefore start playing almost immediately. Especially during a game night, this is incredibly useful. Because let's face it, it's always nice when you can play several games in one evening! You will probably even want to play several games of Rome in a Day. After all, you play a game in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Especially with two players, a game will be over in no time. 

The game rules are simple, but Rome in a Day's gameplay is very tactical thanks to the 'i cut you choose' mechanism. You have to think carefully about your choices and this makes for fun, exciting moments while playing. Afterwards, you can enjoy puzzling with the tiles you have collected to score the most points. Fans of games like Cascadia will definitely enjoy this. It's a fun but short puzzle. After all, you only have a limited number of tiles and the game ends in no time.

The game takes on a different dynamic with multiple players, but we think the game with 2 players is at least as fun. After all, a bonus then is that you can keep an even closer eye on your opponent. Extra chances to win, in other words! 😉

We really like Rome in a Day, which is why we think the game could have been a bit longer. But this isn't a problem either, now we just add an extra game! 

Pros and cons

+ Smooth and streamlined gameplay
+ Clear rules
+ Tactical puzzle 

- On the short side


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Alley Cat Games.