Review: Recto Verso

In Recto Verso, you build houses as fast as you can with other players while both only seeing one view of the building plan!


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Game overview

Recto Verso is a building game in which you and other players try to build houses as quickly as possible.

Setting up Recto Verso is very easy. Once you have placed the blocks on the side and a building card in the slot of the game board, you can actually start right away. If you are playing with more than two players, you also have to put the coins on the side and give everyone a window.

You always play in teams of 2, but these teams change all the time. On your turn, place a building card in the slot on the board. Here you can see 'your' side of the building plan. The other player in your team sees the opposite view, but this is different. Together, you have to recreate both sides of the map using the blocks. You can discuss and point to things, but you are not allowed to see the other side of the plan. In the meantime, the other players keep track of time and stop when one of them has yelled recto and the other verso. Depending on the time it took you get a number of coins.

Who you play with each round depends on the tokens you receive at the beginning of the game, which each player turns over. At the end of the game, you have been in a team with everyone once. The player with the most points at the end wins the game!

In a two-player game you play very differently, because the game is cooperative. You do not need coins and you play through 7 levels together. Each level has a time limit. If you don't make it through, you can play a level again until you have passed level 7!

Our thoughts

Recto Verso is a surprising new game from Geronimo Games. We did not have a game like this in our collection yet! Besides the extensive Eurogames and tactical card games, the addition of Recto Verso to our collection is therefore more than welcome. 

You could easily call Recto Verso the sunshine in the house. The game is colourful, looks nice and the rules are too. You can start playing within 5 minutes. Since we are not the best at learning game rules, that is always a relief for us. Recto Verso is a happy and simple game. 

Recto Verso has positively surprised us. For us, the game is very innovative. Recto Verso also literally has 2 sides. On the one hand, you feel like a child playing with blocks again. Yet we find Recto Verso very challenging. The higher the level, the faster you have to place the blocks in the right place. That is quite difficult! Therefore, Recto Verso is certainly not only a children's game. But do you have children? Then this is also a very nice title. It's not only fun to play, but also educational for your spatial insight. We even had the solution in our hands a couple of times, while we still couldn't get the blocks in the right place. This proves that Recto Verso is not always that easy. 

Another nice element is the fact that Recto Verso is cooperative when you play with 2 players. No rivalry at the table, but building together. You really need teamwork for this. We like this mode best. In the multiplayer variant, you battle against each other in teams. We find this mode a little less fun, personally we prefer to play Recto Verso with 2 players.

Recto Verso is a funny game that you quickly put on the table. Although we do not know whether we will play this game often, it certainly has the potential to remain on the table. We compare Recto Verso with the dexterity game Dice Flick. A game that you do not put on the table when you feel like a tactical board game. It is a game that you put on the table when you are bored and don't feel like playing anything. Then Recto Verso is the game that gives you half an hour of pleasure. 

Pros and cons

+ Challenging
+ You really have to work together
+ 2 player mode

- Low replayability
- Can get boring on the long term

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This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Geronimo Games.