Review: Queensland

In Queensland, you will expand your own farm, but watch out for the toad infestation plaguing the land!






Game overview

In Queensland, you're going to expand your Australian farm as far as you can. But watch out, because your land is being ravaged by a plague of toads!

You start the game with a farm of 4 tiles. You may expand this with tiles from the supply. You take turns to take one of these tiles. You may then place that tile on your other tiles, but you may only place grain on grain and sugar cane on other sugar cane. So you may never place different areas together. When you take a tile you must also immediately place 1, 2 or 3 toads on that tile. Depending on the wind direction on the tile you just placed, all toads on your farm move in that direction. This always happens until your toads are in a pond, then they no longer move. Once you have 5 toads on a pond you may turn them in for 5 points or 3 points if there are more than 5 toads.

The game ends when all the tiles are used up. If you still have tiles in your farm with toads on them, you must remove them. You then get points for finished sugarcane areas or grain areas. Finally, you get points for the number of cow, scarecrow or tractor symbols. The player who has the most points after that wins the game!

Our thoughts

We love tile games like Cascadia, but certainly also Isle of Skye and Carcassonne. Queensland fits nicely into the latter list. This is, in fact, a new tile game published by 999games. Fans of Isle of Skye and Carcassonne will have a great new addition to their collection with this game!

Queensland, like Carcassonne, is a relaxed tile-laying game. You can have fun puzzling with the tiles. For example, you also try to make the largest areas. This time with sugar cane and grain. The frogs provide an extra layer of depth and fun tactical choices. This element brings some extra challenge to the game. You have to observe the frogs in every action. This is a fun puzzle, but it doesn't require you to rack your brain either.

By the end of the game, this can sometimes be true. This is because as the game ends, your actions become more and more important. After all, you want to finish your areas, but also get your frogs off the playing field. Is this not possible? After all, this will cost you all points. Therefore, towards the end of the game it can get quite exciting. With that tension, frustration can also set in. Is the one tile you need just out of the game? Then it can cost you a lot of points.

Queensland's game rules are simple. The player aid is also very helpful. The game plays smoothly and is easy to understand, even for new players. Sometimes you can forget some upkeep. We regularly forgot to place the frogs on the tiles and to move them. Keep paying attention!

We think Queensland is a fun, new variation on the already existing tile games. It's not the first tile game we would recommend, but it's certainly a fun variant. Should you be ready for a new, relaxing puzzle? Then Queensland is highly recommended! 

Pros and cons

+ Easy to learn
+ Fun and relaxing puzzle
+ Exciting until the end 

- Low replayability


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by 999Games.