Review: Mille Fiori

In Mille Fiori you are a glassblower and merchant who wants to collect as much profit as possible while making glass art.


Schmidt Spiele




Game overview

In Mille Fiori, you're going to lay down glass tiles in different areas to score the most points.

You always start a round of Mille Fiori by drawing 5 cards. Each player chooses 1 card from these 5 cards and passes the remaining cards around. The starting player may now begin playing that card. The card shows a certain area and/or symbol where you can place a glass tile. For each area, you score in a different way. An example of this is the workshop. You may place a glass tile on the symbol shown on your card. If you have previously placed adjacent tiles you also get points for that. Points are scored immediately. In another area, for example, you get points for how many glass tiles you or your opponents have in the same column. There are a total of 6 areas where you can place tiles and score.

After everyone has played their card, everyone picks up the passed cards and chooses a new card. The starting player may now begin again. As the starting player, you have a huge advantage because you have first choice of where to place your glass tile. In this way, you can sometimes get in your opponents' way. You keep choosing and playing cards until you only have 1 card left in your hand, which you put in the market. During the game you may receive additional cards that you can immediately take and play from the market.

After playing the 5 cards, the next player becomes the starting player. When all the cards have been used up, or when all but 3 of the players glass tiles have been used up, the game ends. Everyone may now play their remaining card and add the end-of-game points to their score. You can get these if you meet certain conditions in an area. The player with the most points wins the game!

Our thoughts

Mille Fiori is a game that will appeal to a large group of board game players. Are you a fan of games like Azul? Then Mille Fiori will probably appeal to you immediately in terms of looks and components. Do you like chain reactions as in games like Clever and Witchstone? Then Mille Fiori is perfect for you! This colorful drafting game is full of them!

In Mille Fiori, you can earn points in different ways. It is a real point salad full of chain reactions. Mille Fiori also offers a lot of interaction. In terms of interaction, it is probably the most special game in our collection. Even in a 4-player game, every turn affects your opponent(s). So while playing, you not only have to take into account yourself, but your opponents as well. What are they doing? Can you prevent them from scoring many points? Sometimes you will have to sacrifice a good turn of your own to prevent your opponents from scoring even more points. This will certainly keep you busy for a while during a game of Mille Fiori. The game is full of interesting choices and actions. 

For the above reasons, we find Mille Fiori most enjoyable with 4 players. We played our first game of Mille Fiori with 2 players and immediately had the 'wow' factor. Afterwards we immediately wanted to play again! The game plays very smoothly even with 4 players. There is little downtime between turns. A very entertaining game for a game night with friends! Besides fun, Mille Fiori sometimes offers frustration. Not all fields on the game board feel equally balanced. In addition, you can quickly fall behind, which makes it impossible to win. For us, this did not spoil the fun, we still enjoy playing Mille Fiori.

Meanwhile, we have also played Mille Fiori several times with 2 players. This is a very different experience. The game starts a lot slower and you also encounter each other less quickly, because you place much less glass tiles in total. In addition, there are a number of spaces on the game board that are not very good in a 2 player game. We still liked Mille Fiori with 2 players, but would not play it with 2 anymore. During a game night with friends on the other hand, we are only too happy to introduce Mille Fiori!

Mille Fiori has the perfect amount of interaction and play time for a 4 player game. The game is entertaining, plays smoothly and quickly, and is challenging. As far as we are concerned, definitely recommended for groups who like a light, yet challenging and entertaining board game!

Pros and cons

+ Beautiful production
+ A lot of different ways to score
+ Not much downtime

- 2 player variant is less fun
- Some scoring opportunities feel out of balance



This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Schmidt Spiele.