Review: It’s a Wonderful World

In It's a Wonderful World, you expand your empire the fastest by developing your production and playing powerful cards.


Geronimo Games




Game overview

It’s a Wonderful World is a card drafting game in which you may choose cards to build. These cards give you more production in later turns, allowing you to build new cards faster.

You start the game by giving everyone 7 cards. Every turn, you can choose 2 cards that you want to build or recycle. The remaining cards are given to the person next to you. 2 cards are chosen again until everyone's cards are used. If all goes well, everyone has 7 cards in front of them at the end of this phase. You then have the choice of building or recycling these cards. If you wish to build them, you place them in front of you. For recycled cards, you immediately receive the resource on the top right of the card. Resources can be placed on cards under construction. You may never move them after placing them. If you cannot place a resource, it's put on your empire card. If you have 5 unused resources on the card, you may exchange them for a red cube. This is a wild resource. When you have filled all the spaces on a card with a raw material, you complete that project and place it above your empire card. Completed cards sometimes give a direct bonus or additional production.

After building and recycling, players enter the production phase. You check the production board and see how much production you have for each resource and take that number of cubes. You can use these cubes immediately to complete projects, which means that the production of the next resource can be higher. If you have the highest production of a resource, you get a bonus token that is worth points. After the production of the blue cube, the game starts again with collecting and choosing cards. 

After the 4th round, the game is over and you add up all the points of the cards above your empire card. The player with the most points wins the game!

Our thoughts

A while ago we rediscovered card games. From the small card games like Cahoots, to the more elaborate card games like Splendor. We enjoyed playing different card games. Then we found out that we had a lot of board games in our collection, but very few card games. This was the perfect moment for us to buy one of the most popular card games, It's a Wonderful World.

At the time we bought It's a Wonderful World, we didn't know very much about it. We knew it was a card game with the drafting element, but we hadn't delved into the gameplay yet. So for us, It's a Wonderful World was an impulse buy that could turn out well, but also badly. To make things even crazier, we immediately bought the War or Peace expansion, because we love campaign games so much. Luckily for us, this impulse buy turned out well. We are very happy with the addition of It's a Wonderful World to our collection.

It's a Wonderful World is a game that combines elements from 7 Wonders and Splendor into a simple, yet super challenging game. We love playing Splendor and find It's a Wonderful World very similar to it. It's a Wonderful World is a step up in terms of challenge and difficulty. Just like Splendor, It's a Wonderful World is quickly put on the table. The set up is short and even with new players, you'll have the rules laid out in no time. However, the game itself has a lot to offer. Despite the simple rules, the game contains a tricky puzzle. It's a Wonderful World is a matter of calculation and making the right choices to get enough production for the cards you want to play. It's a puzzle that doesn't get bored easily and that remains fun time after time.

It's a Wonderful World uses the drafting mechanism where you pass your hand of cards to the next player. In a two-player game, this works differently, but the feeling is still there because you keep swapping cards with your opponent. If you have played Sushi Go, you probably know this mechanism very well. This immediately creates direct player interaction that we can certainly appreciate. You have to keep an eye on each other and remember which cards the other player had in his hands. 

We find It's a Wonderful World a very fun, challenging and entertaining game. The only things that could have been more exciting for us, were the theme and the replayability. The theme is a bit absent for us and the replayability of the basic game is also a bit disappointing. The basic game contains only a few different types of cards to score with. Therefore, we are glad that we already have the War or Peace expansion and we are looking forward to add the other expansion, Corruption & Ascension, to our collection.

For fans of card games such as 7 Wonders and Splendor, It's a Wonderful World is a good choice. This game is a keeper in our collection!

Pros and cons

+ Simple
+ Challenging puzzle
+ Fun player interaction 

- Theme is a bit absent
- Misses replayability / variation in cards