Review: Hues and Cues

Hues and Cues is a colorful party game in which you try to get as close as possible to the right color by using hints!


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Game overview

Hues and Cues is a colorful party game in which you will guess colors through hints.

The active player receives a card that shows 4 colors. These colors are all found on the game board. You may choose one of them and give the best possible hint which matches that color. All other players may then place their pawn on a color to which they think the word belongs. If the active player is not satisfied, he may name another word to which players may move another pawn. After this, you put the fence on the game board so that the color that had to be guessed is in the middle. The closer you are to the correct square, the more points you receive. The active player also gets points if someone inside the fence has guessed.

An example of a word could be 'sun'. But if players are guessing too orange, you could mention the word 'banana' for example! 

Thus the game continues until everyone has been active player 2 times. The player with the most points then wins the game.

Our thoughts

Hues and Cues is a super original party game. It looks a bit like Codenames and Dixit, but plays completely different. This original party game is, thanks to the fact that you can play it with up to 10 people, very suitable for large groups!

In our opinion, how much fun Hues and Cues is depends largely on the group you play with. It is a party game and certainly not a serious game. The game has very easy rules, but playing it is still quite difficult. In the beginning, it feels practically impossible to give a hint that will make your opponents immediately guess the right color. People who are very bad at guessing the colors or giving hints or who don't see the humor in this game will not like Hues and Cues. However, are you playing with a group that doesn't take themselves or the game too seriously? Then Hues and Cues is a fun and funny party game! 

At first we thought it would be practically impossible to play this game. After all, the colors on the board look very similar. Yet in practice, people often come close to the color you mean. Thanks to the scoring method, people don't have to guess exactly. Fortunately, this makes it a lot easier. What does make it more difficult, however, is sight guessing. The cards you use to choose a color are black. The color on those cards, often looks different than the color on the board. Because of this, hints were sometimes given that turned out not to match the real color on the board at all. In our opinion this is a pity. It is difficult enough to give good hints.

Hues and Cues is exactly what an average party game is. It's funny, you can definitely laugh at it, but you shouldn't play it too often. Some games like Dixit and Stella we always want to play with friends, Hues and Cues is not a game we will always feel like playing. We are curious if this game will remain fun in the long run. Nevertheless, we will not easily remove Hues and Cues from our collection. After all, it is ideal that you can play this game with larger groups! There are not many games that are still fun in such situations. Because Hues and Cues is very simple and does not take too long, it is perfect for this.

Are you looking for a funny, original and fast party game that you can also play with larger groups? Then Hues and Cues is a very good choice! 

Pros and cons

+ Original
+ Suitable for large groups
+ Easy rules
+ Fast plays

- Colors appear differently on the cards
- Quality of the box, cards and game board are bad


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by The OP