Review: Hit List

In Hit List, you try to guess as many words that fit a category on the card within the time limit.


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Game overview

Hit List is a fast-paced party game in which you try to guess words in a certain category as fast as possible.

Hit List is played in 2 teams, or if you are playing in pairs just against each other. At the beginning, you place a stack of face down cards. On these cards is a certain category with 6 words underneath. When it is your team's turn, a player from your team draws a card and reads out the category to the other player(s). Those fellow players then have 30 seconds to try to guess all the words listed on the card. Each word is worth one point and the pink word is even worth 2 points. If a team has not guessed all the words, the other team may try to guess one of the words. So this way you can steal points too!

You continue to play in turns until one team has 25 points. The team that reaches 25 points first wins the game!

Our thoughts

Hit List is a typical party game like 30 Seconds. In fact, Hit List is very similar to 30 Seconds. People who know 30 Seconds can play Hit List almost without reading the rules. 30 Seconds is a game that often ends up on our table, especially with people who don't play many games. We were very curious whether Hit List would be to our taste and that of our friends and family. Fortunately, it did! We even like Hit List a little bit more!

Hit List is a lot smaller than 30 Seconds and it also plays a lot faster. In addition, we find Hit List a lot less stressful than 30 Seconds. The small differences between the 2 games, make that we find both party games a nice addition to our collection. The nice thing about Hit List is that you have it explained in less than 5 minutes. So you can start playing almost immediately! The words on the cards are very different, there are topographical categories, but also very common ones like 'white products in the bathroom'. This ensures that everyone can participate. The answers on the cards are not always very logical. For example, on a card with 'minor injuries' there is both scrape and scratch. In our view, these are 2 of the same things. Fortunately, you can determine your own scoring and in this case choose to just count this correctly.

We have played Hit List many times, unfortunately that also brings a disadvantage. We do not only play this game in large groups, we also like it with 2 players! Unfortunately, you then quickly go through the 200 cards. Because in Hit List you have to guess words from a list, the words are always the same. When you get a card for the 2nd time, you almost always remember what words are on it. This unfortunately lowers the replayability. We therefore hope that expansions or additional cards for Hit List will come soon, because we hope to play this often! Another idea we have is to make our own Hit List cards, for example related to board games. This way you not only make it fun to play more often, but also personal! 

Hit List is a super funny and fast-paced party game. If you play party games often and love this, then this is definitely a fun game to add to your collection. The only drawback is the replayability because you can easily remember the cards. So hopefully there will be new cards soon, so we can put this game on the table much more often during game nights!

Pros and cons

+ Fast
+ Accessible

- You remember the cards quickly


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by White Goblin Games.