Review: Herbaceous

In the beautiful set collection game, Herbaceous, you collect the most tasty herbs for your herb garden.


Pencil First Games




Game overview

Herbaceous is a relaxing set collection card game in which players collect herbs for their herb garden.

Each player starts with an empty herb garden. On your turn, you may take two cards. With the first card, you may choose whether to place it in the community garden or in your own herb garden. For the second card, you must do the opposite.

After a while, more and more herbs will appear in your own garden and in the community garden. These herbs can be repotted at some point. There are 4 locations where you can pot them. These locations each give you points for sets of cards in a different way. At one location you must have many of the same cards and at another location many different cards. If you choose to repot, you may take cards from your own garden and from the community garden. Don't wait too long, otherwise the other players will take cards from the community garden that you just needed!

When all the cards have been used up, the player with the most points wins!

Our thoughts

Herbaceous is a beautiful game with stunning artwork. The theme is original and may not appeal to everyone, but since we love fresh herbs, Herbaceous is right up our street. Cooking with fresh herbs can be very relaxing, but playing Herbaceous is even more relaxing!

This is a game that you pick up, learn and play without once sighing or frowning. The game is elegant and simple. Quick to understand, but offers a fun and tactical way of playing. Set collection is nicely combined with a push your luck element in Herbaceous. This is tactical and challenging, but you do not have to keep your head 100% to it like in other games. When playing a game of Herbaceous, you can quietly daydream, chat with your opponent or listen to a podcast. It is a light, but entertaining game.

Herbaceous is the game we play after a long day, when we don't feel like wracking our brains. It is the perfect game to play in the sun on your garden table. You will always have time and space for a game of Herbaceous. The game does not take up much space and plays very quickly. It is certainly not a punishment to play a few games in a row. 

For us, this is the perfect quick set collection game. Both Herbaceous and Floriferous are 2 new favourites in our collection of smaller card games. We like Herbaceous best with 2 players, while we like Floriferous better with multiple players. So it is certainly not a bad idea to have both games in your collection. These two games complement each other well! 

We think Herbaceous is another game where you can't go wrong. It is just a very nice and fast set collection game, super simple, but still fun to play. Highly recommended for anyone who loves smaller, fast-paced games and beautiful artwork. 

Pros and cons

+ Beautiful artwork
+ Fun with all playercounts 
+ Easy, simple and fast
+ Good combination of challenging and relaxing


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Pencil First Games.