Review: Fog of Love

In Fog of Love, you will work through a relationship as a couple with both having different personalities and interests.


Floodgate Games




Game overview

Fog of Love is a kind of simulation game in which you play a couple who meet and make love to each other. It is up to you, even with all the differences, to navigate your way through the relationship.

You begin the game with a number of cards that determine your personality and character. These give you an affinity with a certain personality at the beginning, or not! In addition, you have 3 personal score cards that show how you score at the end of the game. You keep track of this score on your scorecard.

During the game, you constantly turn over cards from a campaign deck. The first card is a synopsis on which the first look is outlined. You are always given choices to make together or separately with most of the cards. Depending on the choice, players then get affinity for certain personalities. Sometimes you also get immediate points or minus points. When the last card is turned over and the last choice is made, the game ends and you add the points from your secret cards to your total. The player with the most points wins the game!

Our thoughts

Did you play a lot of Sims in your early years? Do you maybe still play it? And did you love coming up with an entire character and story for your Sim? Then maybe Fog of Love is the perfect board game for you! After all, Fog of Love can be described as Sims in a board game. Sounds good, but does it play nice?

Fog of Love is mainly about roleplaying. It is also a game you can win or lose, but if you play the game well then you are not concerned with this while playing. Fog of Love should be seen as an activity, a fun evening with a friend. If you play Fog of Love to win, then you will not experience the game as it is intended. 

Fog of Love is intended for fans of stories and people who like and can roleplay. How fun Fog of Love is is certainly also determined by your opponent. If you play this game with someone who makes no effort to get into his or her role, you will have less fun as well. 

This does not mean that Fog of Love is a bad game. Fog of Love is a well thought out game with a great learn as you play, extended stories and extra modules. The game can be incredibly funny and has a lot to offer. It is unfortunate that not everyone will experience Fog of Love this way, as much depends on yourself and your opponent. 

Pros and cons

+ Hilarious moments
+ Exciting stories

- More fun if you like roleplaying
- A lot of texts on the cards


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Floodgate games.