Review: Floriferous

In Floriferous, you're going to walk around your flower garden collecting the most beautiful combinations of flowers!




Game overview

Floriferous is a set collection game in which you will collect and and combine flower cards to score points. 

The game is played over 3 days where everyone goes through the flower garden step by step. Each day, the flower garden consists of a number of rows of 5 cards each. Each player starts on the same side after which the player furthest up has the first choice in the first column. Then the player below that chooses and so on. When each player has chosen a card, this is done again until the 5th column is reached. Then a new day begins and you do exactly the same.

The object of the game is to get points by collecting cards in certain ways. Under each column there is also always a score card that gives you points in a certain way. So you have to collect these as well or you would get no score at all for your flower cards! For example, a score card could be that you get one point for each pink flower. In addition, there are 3 common goals that you get points for depending on how quickly you reach the goal. At the end of the game you may have cards for which you don't get any points at all.

At the end of the game, add up all the points and the player with the most points wins!

Our thoughts

Floriferous is a beautiful game with a cheerful, soothing theme. It's the perfect, compact game with simple rules that you play on a rainy day with a cup of tea to get a little spring into your home. Is the sun shining? Then you can easily take Floriferous outside to play this game while enjoying the sun. Either way, Floriferous will make you happy and zen! 

We are big fans of set collection games like Meadow and Museum Pictura. Unfortunately, these games are not super quick to set up and they also take a fairly long time to play. When we are in the mood for set collection, but just want to play a simple and quick game, Floriferous is perfect! You set up the game super fast, like most card games, but still get the depth and fun gameplay of a challenging set collection game. Perfect for all kinds of different times. 

Floriferous is a very versatile game. Beautiful to look at, fun to play with 2 or more players, easy to carry around and it doesn't take too long. All plus points that ensure that this beautiful game is often on the table! Despite the game being so simple and quick, you have plenty of interesting choices to make. In addition, Floriferous has an interesting twist that you may be familiar with from Kingdomino. Namely, you decide the turn order. Will you go for the better card at the bottom? Or will you make sure that next time it's your turn earlier by taking a card at the top? 

For us, Floriferous is the perfect combination between a challenging and a relaxing game. It has enough of both. Because Floriferous is fun with 2 players, but also easy to explain to new players, the game comes to the table often. We like to play the game with 2 of us, but it's always fun to play Floriferous with new players. Thanks to the beautiful artwork, most people are immediately curious about the game and feel like playing right away. 

We would definitely recommend Floriferous to fans of set collection games. This game actually comes in handy at any time. Whether you're looking for a game to play with 2 players, or just a fun filler for game nights with friends. Does Floriferous appeal to you? Then don't hesitate. This game always comes in handy in your collection! 

Pros and cons

+ Beautiful artwork
+ Fun with all playercounts 
+ Easy, simple and fast
+ Good combination of challenging and relaxing



This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Pencil First Games.