Review: Explorers

In the flip and write, Explorers, you go in search of treasures, food and gems by exploring unknown lands.






Game overview

Explorers is a Flip & Write game in which you search for treasures, food and gems.

You start the game by taking your own game board. Here, everyone places map pieces in their player board in the same place and orientation. So everyone ends up with the same map. Your starting point is the village closest to the centre of the map. Put a cross on that space.

Players take turns taking a terrain tile that shows two different types of terrain. The active player may choose one of these and place 3 crosses. Crosses can only be placed adjacent to other crosses and in the selected area type. The other players may then either choose the same terrain but place only 2 crosses. Or they can choose the other terrain and place 3 crosses. When placing crosses, it is possible that you will place a cross on a symbol. Most symbols give you points in some way. For example, for gems you get 1 point per gem at the end of the round. To open treasures, you must first find a key. The player who opens a treasure chest first in a quadrant gets the most points.

You play a total of 4 rounds in the same way. After the 4th round, you add up all the points and the player with the most wins!

Our thoughts

Explorers is one of the many new games that we have seen recently in the roll & write genre. There are so many roll and flip & writes nowadays, that it sometimes proves to be difficult to bring out an innovative game again. Explorers tries to do this again with a flip & write that has a 'modular' board and different levels of difficulty. 

Explorers is a flip-and-write that reminds us of several other games such as Trails of Tucana and Drawn to Adventure. We can immediately conclude that, for us, Explorers is not the most innovative or original game we have played recently. However, this new flip & write does contain some nice, surprising elements. For example, we really like the fact that you create your own board each game and that there are different levels of difficulty. 

It is an interesting game with multiple possibilities. The game is easy to understand and plays smoothly. Explorers is good for about half an hour of entertainment per game. The game is fun, but doesn't bring a whole lot new to the table. It is not a flip & write that stands out in the genre. We love flip & writes and can therefore appreciate this game, but we can imagine that not everyone is waiting for a standard flip & write. Are you addicted to games like Trails of Tucana? Then don't want to turn down this new game too quickly. You'll probably like this one just as much!

 Maybe we don't need another flip & write in our collection, but Explorers is an entertaining game that is still interesting enough to keep our attention. Because you can play the game in different ways, the replayability is also good. This is definitely a flip & write that we would play more often. But we can also imagine that you quickly forget the game in your collection full of other flip- and roll&writes. Still, we think Explorers is worth a look, especially for people who like to play simpler and faster games!

Pros and cons

+ Clear and simple
+ Lot of replayability thanks to modular map
+ Extra game modes and achievements

- After a few games it can start feeling much of the same



This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Ravensburger.