Review: Draghan Once Upon a Dragon

Draghan is a cooperative card game in which you go on an adventure as a hero in a mythical realm. Can you defeat the dragon?


Jumping Turtle Games




Game overview

Draghan is a cooperative cardgame in which you go on an adventure as a hero and defeat monsters and eventually take on the dragon.

At the beginning of the game, everyone chooses a character. These characters all have different skills. Each round, you draw a location card from the pile. The location you turn over can have a certain effect. You can for example heal or lose money. After dealing with the effect, you draw as many encounter cards as there are players in the game. This can be equipment, but it can also be enemy monsters. If you can defeat these monsters, you get the equipment which will make you stronger during next encounters.

Instead of a location card, you may find yourself turning around a portal. If this happens, you can choose to go to the shadow realm. You then replace all Draghan cards with these shadow cards. In this shadow realm you may encounter the dragon that you must ultimately defeat to win the game, or lose it!

Our thoughts

Draghan is a compact cooperative card game with a nice theme. The artwork looks funny and is done in a way that you don't often see on board and/or card games. At first glance, the box does not appeal to us, but the artwork on the cards looks nice and is thematic. Draghan is not a game that we would immediately pick up from the shelves of a game shop. But since this game is cooperative, it caught our attention!

In Draghan, you really have to work together to win. This game is actually unwinnable if you don't work together. Do you have players on your team who only want to keep gold and items for themselves? Then the game will end quickly. Draghan therefore punishes you if you don't play cooperatively. We think it's good to see that a game that is cooperative actually enforces you to play cooperatively. 

Draghan is an easy game, perfect for playing with children. That's why we like it even more when it's coop! It is a very good way to introduce young children to co-op games. In addition, it can also be very good for learning how to work together. How much fun is it to play this game with the whole family? The theme is really suitable for children. Together in a fantasy world, you try to defeat the monster. We can well imagine that children will enjoy playing this game.

We do not have any children around to play board games with. So we just played Draghan together. For experienced board game players, Draghan is on the simple side. It is a nice and fast game, but experienced players will enjoy another game more. We found that it is more challenging with two players, than with just one, but even then it is certainly not too difficult. 

We would especially recommend Draghan to people who like to play with their children. Are your children not good losers? Do you just want to spend an afternoon playing together without the sadness of losing? Then Draghan is a good choice for you!

Pros and cons

+ Cooperative
+ Exciting
+ Quirky artwork

- Better for/with children


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Jumping Turtle Games.