Review: Draftosaurus

In Draftosaurus, you're going to collect dinosaurs and place them in your zoo to attract the most visitors!






Game overview

Draftosaurus, as the name implies, is a drafting and set collection game in which you will place dinosaurs in your zoo in order to attract the most visitors.

At the beginning of a round, all players draw 6 dino's from the pouch. Each turn you may choose 1 dino and pass all remaining dino's to your neighbor. Then you may choose another dino until all dino's are used up.

There is also a die in the game that a player may roll and then pass. On this die is a placement requirement. This means that all other players must necessarily place a dino that turn on a certain terrain, such as left or right of the river. The player rolling the die does not have to follow this requirement.

Dino's are placed in an area after being chosen, and each area scores in a different way. For example, in one area you get more and more points if you place more of the same dino in it, and another area gives you points for different dino's. There are also areas where, for example, you get points if you have the most dino's of the species you place there. In short, plenty of scoring opportunities!

The game is over after 2 rounds. If all goes well you will have placed 12 dino's by then. You add up all the points and the player with the most points wins the game. Instead of the summer side, there is also a winter side which allows you to stick another 2 rounds to the game and score points for your areas in a completely different way. 

Our thoughts

Draftosaurus is one of the first games we played on BoardGameArena. This cheerful game with cute dinosaurs is the reason we subsequently stuck around on BoardGameArena. And yes, we became addicted to this game! So it is only natural that we added the physical version of the board game to our collection. Now we can enjoy Draftosaurus on the table!

Draftosaurus is a light, gateway game. It is a cheerful and simple game that you will have explained within 5 minutes. This game will quickly fall into the category of games that everyone understands and actually likes. Does someone not like it? Then that person is also lucky. You can play a game of Draftosaurus in about 15 minutes. Super fast!

Personally, we find Draftosaurus to be on the short side with 2 players. Therefore, with 2 players, we almost always play the summer and winter side of the game. With that, a game lasts just a bit longer. For us, a game with only the summer side, didn't feel like the effort. Fortunately, the game itself offers a solution for this. More fun and time is certainly welcome in Draftosaurus as far as we are concerned.

The simplicity of Draftosaurus combines nicely with what we think is still challenging gameplay. You still want to improve your score each time and draft yourself towards a win. This remains entertaining, game after game. We were amazed at how much we liked Draftosaurus, even after countless games online and with the physical board game. 

Draftosaurus is the perfect, simple game to add to your collection. The game remains fun even for experienced players, but is also a perfect gateway game for beginners. Therefore, this game always comes in handy! Do you take it with you on vacation? Or put it on the table during your next game night? There are plenty of options with Draftosaurus. Personally, we like this game so much, that we would like to have even more options. That's why the Draftosaurus expansions are already on our wishlist! 

Pros and cons

+ Happy artwork
+ Simple rules
+ Plays quickly

- 2 player variant is on the short side


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Miniature Market.