Review: Kannste Knicken

In Kannste Knicken, try to be the first to connect all the targets on a card by folding your card!






Game overview

Kannste Knicken is a roll & write game in which you try to connect goals on your score sheet.

Each player is given an identical sheet in front of them with a marker. On a turn, the active player rolls the dice from which they may choose one. The passive player may then choose only the other die, unless you have folded over certain corners. 

The die indicates 1 or more values for which you may start making crosses on your sheet. For each value you may place crosses in a straight line whose starting square must be adjacent to a circled cross. You may circle any square on which you end. At the beginning of a game you may only start with a circle in the 4 corners near the crosses. 

To make the goals visible, you need to start folding your sheet. You may do this when you have crossed off all the stars or other symbols in a box. You can choose to fold a small corner, making the goal visible faster, but you can also fold a large corner, making the goal closer to the other goals and allowing you to use the special bonus. Bonuses include always being able to use the white die or always adding one more. 

The player who connects all the goals first is the winner!

There are 4 variations in the game, each introducing new rules and having a different theme. Sometimes you can even fold sheets 2 times!

Our thoughts

Kannste Knicken (original german name) is the latest roll & write from 999games that fits right in next to Time on Time. We were very curious to see if we would like this new dice game as much as Time on Time. The game looks very nice and original from the outside!

Kannste Knicken comes with 4 different score sheets that are all different, namely 4 different levels. What we noticed right away is that there are very few papers included. Playing with 4 players? Then you can play 1 level about 9 times. In our opinion that is very little. Furthermore, we like the idea of the different levels. This of course increases the replayability of the game enormously. The first level is very simple. This is perfect to learn the game. The levels after that all have a nice change, such as ice that you can slide on. This is very nicely done. 

In addition to the different levels, Kannste Knicken is innovative in even more ways. Namely, the path to victory. Most roll & writes contain a point salad. That's not the case with Dice Folding. It's really a race to the win. We have not seen this often in roll & writes. 

Despite the positives about Kannste Knicken, we're not super excited about this new game. Some dice games make you want to play again immediately. This we did not have with Kannste Knicken. The idea of folding the paper is very nice, but in practice we found it less fun than we expected. Somehow the actions you can do in the game, did not fall into place for us. The game does not play super smoothly and unfortunately it did not captivate us for a longer period of time. 

Kannste Knicken is a fun game to play a few times, but for us it is not a must-have in the collection. There are so many more fun roll & writes on the market right now, so the competition is too great. For people who play the occasional game and don't have a large collection, Kannste Knicken can be a fun and innovative game though. We will not play this game very often anymore. We prefer other roll & writes then. 

Pros and cons

+ Fast and simple
+ Refreshing elements

- Not a lot of scoring sheets in the box
- Didn't keep us entertained after a few games
- After playing higher levels you will never play the first one


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by 999games.