Review: Dice Throne

In Dice Throne you play a hero with unique powers and abilities. Using dice, you try to defeat your opponent!


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Game explanation

Dice Throne is a fast-paced dice game for 2 to 6 players in the form of a fighting game. Each player chooses a hero with their own unique powers and abilities. You take turns attacking each other in order to eventually remain as the last surviving hero. On your player board are different actions and attacks. These actions can be activated by dice. In addition, you can play cards, which you can use to upgrade your player board or alter the dice. 

Each hero can also defend himself during or after an attack. If you are attacked by an opponent you lose life points. You can try to prevent this by performing your defense action. Unfortunately, you cannot defend yourself against all attacks. If you are attacked and end up with 0 life points? Then your hero is dead and you lose the game. 

Dice Throne Season 1 ReRolled contains 8 different heroes. Each hero has a different difficulty level and its own powers and abilities. 

Our thoughts

We were overwhelmed when Dice Throne arrived. The Season 1: ReRolled Battle Chest is truly a gem. Each hero is packed in its own box with a handy insert where every box fits in a slot. If you want to take the game with you, you can take the heroes you want to play separately, super convenient! The dice are one of the prettiest we have seen so far and all components such as the dials and player boards are of high quality. Each hero is marked with how high the complexity is. So if you are a novice player it is better to play easy heroes. Just because they are easier to play certainly doesn't mean they are inferior!

Dice Throne is a fast-paced game that is easy to pick up. It is challenging and difficult to get good at though. If you do not like the elements of luck, this is not the game for you. There is a lot of luck involved because it all depends on what you throw at the dice. For example, it can happen that in your first turn you roll your best ability (but that chance is very small). This can feel quite unfair to the other players. This can be an advantage or disadvantage for people. We normally don't like dice that much, but since every player in Dice Throne depends on luck it doesn't matter that much. 

You can play Dice Throne with 2 to 6 players. We think the game is most fun with 2 players. The pace is slightly faster and you have to take into account slightly fewer effects. With several people, you can quickly lose the overview. It can also be quite unfair when 2 people decide to attack the other person.

The game, despite having a large luck factor, is fairly well balanced. Each hero has very different abilities, yet they are somewhat similar in the basics. It's not like one hero has much better powers than another. The fact that you have to play each hero in a completely different way keeps the game fun. You can choose to play a different hero each time, or you can choose to master the abilities of a specific hero. 

If you like games with beautiful components and you can handle a high luck factor, then we can definitely recommend Dice Throne! It is an easy to learn, yet challenging game that will not get boring, even in the long run. As far as we're concerned, it's the perfect game to play when you're often with 2 players. 

Pros and cons

+ Beautiful compontents
+ Very useful insert
+ Choice of heroes

- Very luck-based

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This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Roxley Games.