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Dice Flick is a fast-paced dexterity game in which you "flick" dice into the game board.


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Game explanation

Dice Flick is a fast-paced dexterity game in which you will be flicking dice into the game board with your finger. A game of Dice Flick lasts 10 rounds. Before you start the game you place the 4 clips on the designated places on the box. The box is also your game board! In Dice Flick you use 3 different types of dice, dice in different colors, a white die that counts as a joker and the special pink dice. 

When it is your turn you may take dice from the bag until you have 3 dice in front of you. Each turn you may flick 2 dice into the game board. You first place the dice on the special clip and then flick the dice into the box. You may rotate the box at any time. If the die lands in a box, it stays there until the dice is scored. If the dice lands in the gutter or outside the box you immediately put the dice back in the bag. Dice that are not scored remain on the game board. 

Score points

As soon as you have a combination of 3 or more dice of the same color on the game board (horizontally or vertically adjacent), you can score points. If you have succeeded in flicking a dice in such a way that you have a combination, add up all the pips of the dice and remove the dice from the game board. The dice then go back into the bag. You can score points for multiple combinations in one turn, but each dice can only be used once. dice can therefore not be counted for multiple combinations. 

You can also score points in 2 other ways, namely with the pink die and by flicking a die exactly in the middle.

Center marker: If your dice land exactly in the middle on the center marker, it is worth twice as many points. You can also score these points if you do not have a combination of several dice. 

The blast die: The pink die, also called the blast die, works in a special way. With this die you always score points. If you have flicked this die on the game board you can score points for all dice in the same row, horizontally or vertically. There don't have to be any valid combinations in that row. You simply add up all the pips of all the dice in that row and score all the points! The pink die itself is always worth 6 points. So you always get these points. 

Upgrade markers

On the game board, in addition to the center marker, there are 3 different upgrade markers. These are stickers with a green, yellow and blue die of value 2. You can use these upgrade markers for combinations of that color die. The marker counts as 2 points. You cannot score this marker if there is a die on it. 

Bonus marker

In addition to the upgrade markers, you also have a bonus marker on the game board. This is a white die with a plus sign on it. If a die lands on the bonus marker, you may immediately flick an additional die. You draw an additional die from the bag and then choose whether to use it or one of the other dice in front of you. This means that you may not use 2 but 3 dice.

The game is over after 10 rounds. You add up all the points and then decide who the winner is. As far as we are concerned, you can immediately 'flick' the score pad, because this is definitely a game you want to play again!

Our thoughts

As we said above in the game explanation, we are very excited about Dice Flick. We find this game, to our own surprise, very fun! We have very little experience with dexterity games but have become very excited about this genre because of Dice Flick. 

After our first game of Dice Flick, we immediately played the game 5 more times. The great thing about Dice Flick is that you get better and better the more times you play it. You want to play again and again to see if you can improve your own score. A game of Dice Flick can easily be played in 15 to 20 minutes, so the game is definitely suitable to play several times in a row.

Dice Flick is certainly not a game that can be compared to games from our previous reviews, such as Bonfire, for example. But Dice Flick is definitely a game that has earned a spot among our favorite party and filler games like Time to Time 2. Dice Flick is the perfect game for in-between or for the beginning of your game night. We had an awful lot of fun while playing Dice Flick. This game is the perfect break for us between some longer and heavier games. Wij hebben ontzettend veel plezier gehad tijdens het spelen van Dice Flick. Dit spel is voor ons de perfecte pauze tussen wat langere en zwaardere spellen. 

We are very excited about Dice Flick because we can also play it with people who are not normally into board games. This game is fun for everyone to play. The only disadvantage is that the box is a bit big. You do not take Dice Flick quickly in your bag when you visit someone. Too bad, because then we would certainly have done this often! We would also not know if the box can be made smaller. You use the box as a game board. We therefore understand that the box is somewhat larger.

If you like dexterity games or are looking for a fun game to play in between then we can definitely recommend Dice Flick. The replayability may not be very high because there are no extra elements like goal cards in the game, but there is a lot of fun in this game!

Playing with 2 players

We have only played Dice Flick with 2 players and find it very enjoyable. Your turn comes quickly and you hardly have to wait. We don't think this game really changes when you play with more or less players. In any case, Dice Flick is certainly always a nice pick when playing with 2. 

 Pros and cons

+ Simple and fast
+ The box is also the playing board

Low replayability
- The box is big

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This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Pegasus Spiele.