Review: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

In The Quacks of Quedlinburg, you will make your own brew by adding ingredients in your cauldron one by one!






Game overview

The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a push your luck and bag building game where you pull ingredients one by one from a bag and add them to your cauldron. However, if you add too many of the wrong ingredients your cauldron explodes and you get fewer bonuses.

Each player starts with the same ingredients in their bag. You may place ingredients a certain number of steps further into your cauldron. But beware, if you have more than 7 cherry bombs your cauldron explodes. If your cauldron explodes or you decide to stop before this happens, the round is over. Depending on how far you've gotten in your cauldron you'll get bonuses, points and you can buy new ingredients. These ingredients give you bonuses, such as extra rubies, points or extra steps. If you exploded, you must choose between victory points or ingredients.

So as the game progresses you get more and more ingredients in your pouch, which allows you to get further and further into your cauldron and buy better ingredients again. After 9 rounds the game is over and the player with the most points wins!

Our thoughts

The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a delightful family game that you can actually play with anyone. It is also a perfect introduction to the bag building mechanism. This has a lot of similarities with deck building, which we really like! After purchasing this game, we immediately played it a number of times, including with our families!

In Quacks you do rely heavily on luck, so you have to love that. It may be that you have very strong ingredients in your bag, but still only pulls out cherry bombs. Especially towards the end, this can cost you a lot of points. Sometimes this can feel a little unfair, but you know what the risks are. Because it's luck for everyone and you can estimate your own risk of exploding, it doesn't really matter to us that Quacks is a game of luck as it doesn't feel very competitive.

Er zijn veel verschillende soorten ingrediënten te koop met elk hun eigen bonus. Sommige ingrediënten lijken beter dan andere, maar toch zijn er meerdere combinaties goed. Om de herspeelbaarheid te verhogen zijn er meerdere boekjes toegevoegd waardoor ingrediënten een ander effect hebben. Deze kan je dus ook eindeloos combineren. Wij vonden de 2e set ingrediënt effecten echter niet zo leuk en spelen liever gewoon met de eerste.

The quality of all the components is good. The rubies look nice and shiny and the ingredients are made of thick cardboard. If you use the ingredients often they can wear out though. There are upgrades available that allow you to put the ingredients in a plastic case. In addition, it is annoying to take everything out of bags all the time and sort it on the table, but Folded Space has come up with a solution for that. They have created a very handy insert that allows you to set up and play the game in no time!

If you are looking for a solid family game that is accessible to everyone and also offers a lot of replayability this is definitely a game for you. If you don't like luck, then this is not a game we would recommend. For us, the luck element in this game is exactly what makes it so funny and accessible. It is the ideal game to put on the table when we are with family or when we are looking for a simple game where we don't have to think much. A game of Quacks equals a game of fun!

Pros and cons

+ Accessible and easy to learn
+ Fun theme
+ Good gateway game

- Other sets of ingredients aren't as fun