Review: Candy Lab

Have you ever dreamt about working in a candy factory as a kid? With the card game Candy Lab you can let this dream become reality!



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Game explanation

Have you ever dreamt about working in a candy factory as a kid? The card game Candy Lab lets you realise that dream! In the game Candy you will work as an employee in a candy factory. The machines in your Candy Lab run at full speed! You are responsible for packing the orders. Will you finish the most orders and take the most candy? Then you will be granted the title of master confectioner! 

When you set up Candy Lab you have to put all the candy bars in a random order next to each other on the table. Next, you can use order cards to take the right combination of candy from the line. These candies are now yours! Don't eat them, your teeth won't be happy with it. The candy bars also have a special action! When taking a candy, the action triggers. With different actions on the candy bars you can get an advantage over and mostly disrupt your opponent! 


In Candy Lab you can score points in many ways. You get points for the value of the candy bars, the value of completed orders and the gold candy cane! The game ends when a player takes the last order card from the draw pile or when a player takes the last candy bar from the line. In the last case, that player also gets the gold candy cane! This can give you just enough points to win the game!


Our thoughts

 Candy Lab will cause at least two thoughts: the colourful package will make you happy and you will start craving candy! The box already made us enthusiastic. Fortunately, we still are after playing the game!

Candy Lab is a fast but tactical card game. You could say you need a bit of luck by drawing the right order cards, but it is up to you to build the right tactic around it. Candy Lab is a sociable game with a lot of interaction. In our opinion it is perfect when you want a quick game on a game night with friends. You can play Candy Lab easily between bigger games. The rules are very clear and easy to learn. Besides, you can set up the game within 2 minutes!

The game can be quite tense at the end. It becomes harder to complete your orders because there will be less candy bars on the table. Besides, you want to be the one to take the last candy bar so you will get the gold candy cane! With the different actions on the candy, it could be that you can take the last 2 candy bars but the action lets you put one of the opponents candy back and the game will still be on. This can go on for a while and makes it really exciting who will get the gold candy cane. You want to take the last candy after all! We can imagine it can become annoying if it continues like that for a long time, but we never experienced that! We were on the edge of our seats everytime! 

Playing with 2 players

Candy Lab plays very well with 2 players. In the rules there is an extra rule for a game with 2 players. We think that is a big plus, it's good that FunnyFox thought about this. When playing with 2 players, you will put 6 starting cards on the table for an imaginary '3rd hand'. We don't really like the dummy player mechanic, but luckily that's not the function of the 3rd hand. You only use the 3rd hand if a candy bar action lets you switch hands with someone. By having a 3rd hand you have more choice than only your opponent. In our opinion that works great!

 Pros and cons

+ Easy to learn rules
+ Fast setup
+ Lots of interaction
+ Beautiful artwork and components

You won't play this game the entire evening
Big box for the contents

This game has been kindly gifted by the publisher for review purposes.