Review: Cahoots

In Cahoots, you and your fellow players play cards to complete goals while not being able to communicate!


White Goblin Games




Game overview

Cahoots is a cooperative cardgame in which you will fulfil tasks together by playing cards.

At the beginning of the game, everyone gets 4 playing cards and you can choose the number of goal cards. The more goal cards, the more difficult the game. Playing cards can have 4 colours with a number from 1 to 7. The game is set up by placing 4 playing cards face up with 4 goal cards above. In their turn, players must always place a playing card on top of a playing card in the middle. They must always play the same colour or number as the card below it. In this way you can complete the goals. For example, a goal could be to place 3 orange cards. It is therefore possible that an assignment is completed at the beginning of the game! At the end of your turn, you always refill your hand to 4 cards. Of course, you are not allowed to communicate during the game!

If all tasks are completed, the players win the game. Is this not the case? Then unfortunately you lose the game.

Our thoughts

Cahoots is a smart, fast, but super fun card game. This cooperative card game takes less than 5 minutes to explain and setup, but has the potential to keep you interested for hours. You play a game in less than 30 minutes, but it is so addictive that it never ends with one game. You always play Cahoots at least twice in a row, but often more!

We don't often play small card games, but we are learning to appreciate them more and more. Cahoots is one of the games that made that happen. This game is simple, but it works extremely well. Despite its simplicity, Cahoots should not be underestimated, because it is quite difficult to win! During the final moments of Cahoots, we are often on the edge of our seats. Are we going to make it or not? If you don't make it, you want to play again immediately. But if you do make it you'll have a good evening with your friends or family. This cooperative game is very good for the team spirit. Does your group of friends have trouble working together during the bigger cooperative games? Maybe you can start with a game of Cahoots!

Fortunately, you don't have to play Cahoots just with a large group of friends. Cahoots works very well with different numbers of players and different types of players. Cahoots is fun with a group of 4, but also with 2 players. A quick game in between with experienced board game players? Then Cahoots is fun too. Do you play with people who almost never play a game? Then Cahoots will certainly appeal to them. Because of the combination of the simple rules, but the challenging game, Cahoots is a good choice for all kinds of groups and players. It is never wrong to have this little game around. On BoardGameGeek we even read that you can play this game solo!

The surprising thing about Cahoots is that it remains fun after several games. There is a large stack of goal cards in the game, which means that you will encounter new cards every time you play. This keeps the game interesting, even if you play it more often. In addition, the combination of goal cards is always different. You never know what will appear on the table and what you will get in your hands. You can also play Cahoots at different levels of difficulty. Do you think it's getting too easy? Then simply make it more difficult by adding more goalcards.

For a small card game, Cahoots is incredibly surprising and versatile. This game offers a lot of fun for all target groups and numbers of players. This game is often on our table. We always enjoy introducing new people to this game, because it is often popular. Have you become interested? Then don't hesitate any longer, you will probably also like Cahoots. And for the low price of 10 Euros you can't pass it up!

Pros and cons

+ Fun theme
+ Accessible
+ High replayability

- Can miss depth for the experienced players
- Some cards can be interpreted in multiple ways


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by White Goblin Games.