Preview: Threetale

In Threetale, you will play 3 heroes going through an epic story that is set in the past, present and future.






Game overview

Threetale is a cooperative adventure game where you play through a story with 3 heroes. Which future awaits you depends on the prophecy cards!

A game is divided into 3 phases. The past, the present and the future. In the past, you build the playing field and start training your hero. Each turn you place a card tile and move your hero. How far you can move and what you can do all depends on how good your hero is. For example, you can take white cubes to upgrade your hero, but you can also open treasure chests or attack enemies. When the last tile is picked up and that player has finished his turn, the present begins. In the present, you randomly choose 1 of 3 prophecy cards (drawn at the beginning). This prophecy card determines your future.

The future book contains a story about the future you and the other heroes are in. You remove all tokens from the map and replace them with new tokens. Each future has a different goal. For example, in one future you have to defeat many strong enemies and in another future you have to collect many objects. The future book tells you exactly what you need to do to win. When you have won you add up all the points and you can see how well you did.

Our thoughts

Threetale is a Kickstarter that we are very excited about! It is an enchanting, not overly complex, but brutal cooperative game. Threetale challenges you to really work together and be prepared for everything you are about to discover. Please note that this preview is of a prototype, so the final result may still differ.

We are extremely fond of cooperative games with a story or campaign. So it's not surprising that we were very curious about Threetale. We are very happy to have discovered this new Kickstarter, because from the moment we opened the box we were very impressed. Threetale comes in a big, jam-packed box! The game contains an awful lot of components including cool miniatures and 'secret' boxes containing extra cards for the stories in the future. 

Because the box is so full of different components, we were initially afraid that it would be a very difficult game with an awful lot of difficult rules. Fortunately, this is not so bad! Threetale is in fact a very extensive game, but much less complex than you might expect. The rules are clear and after 1 or 2 plays you know what actions you can do and what all the symbols mean. We were surprised at how easily and quickly we mastered the game. You play Threetale with 1 to 3 players. The rules are actually always the same. You always play with 3 characters. When you play solo, you play 3 characters simultaneously. With 2 players you play a 3rd character together. We found this easy to do. You both have your own character and then decide together on the actions of the 3rd character. We think this is most fun with 3 people because then you can follow your own character. We noticed that when we played with 2 people, we paid less attention to the third hero while this was actually just as important.

The rules of Threetale are clear and fairly easy to understand, but Threetale is definitely not an easy game! On the contrary, the game is very brutal and unforgiving. You are more likely to lose this game than to win it. In order to win together, you need to think carefully, have a good strategy and most importantly, work together. It is really challenging to win the different scenarios. The scenarios are very diverse and all require a different approach. Threetale contains 5 different scenarios. In principle you can play all scenarios more than once. We do think that the replayability of Threetale is comparable to other campaign games. When you have played all scenarios there is not much new to discover. Of course you can play the scenarios again, for example with another character. 

We could say an awful lot about Threetale, but we are very excited about this Kickstarter. The game looks beautiful, is very extensive and diverse, and is very fun and challenging to play. We can't wait to add the final version to our Spellenplank!

Pros and cons

+ Extremely extensive game
+ Unique story mechanisms
+ Beautiful miniatures

- Towards the end of the game you can quickly lose the overview
- If you have won a story once you won't play it again quickly


This game has been kindly gifted to us for preview purposes by Boarderia. This preview was made using a prototype of the game. The final version may look different.