Preview: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

In Somewhere Under the Rainbow you are going to make rainbows! You do this with the help of a secret ingredient: Unicorn poop!


Tickle Bear Games




Game overview

Somewhere Under the Rainbow is a kind of order completion game in which you will collect unicorn poop which you will use to make rainbows and food.

On a turn, you can choose to collect unicorn poop or go to town. If you collect unicorn poop, you may move your player marker forward in a straight line to pick up one unicorn poop on that line. These are different color triangular tokens. 

If you choose to go to town you may perform 3 actions in an order of your choice. For example, you can trade the same colors of unicorn poop for glitter cubes. You put the unicorn poop in the rainbow maker and take the number of glitter cubes indicated. You can only exchange the color of unicorn poop that is not yet in the rainbow maker. Besides handing in unicorn poop, you can use glitter cubes to buy ingredients. Finally you can combine 2 ingredients to make food for the unicorn. This food will earn you points at the end. 

The game ends when the fourth rainbow is made. You get points at the end mainly for the food cards you made. In addition, you also get a bonus for whoever has the most food in a color. The player with the most is the best rainbow maker and wins the game!

Our thoughts

Somewhere Under the Rainbow is a beautiful game with a unique and laughable theme. The components you get with it are top quality and all contribute to a colorful and super funny experience. We were most impressed with the unicorn poop tray. Here you can put the unicorn poop in a pile and after shaking it well, all the triangles fall into place. So you don't have to replenish the tray by hand every time!

Somewhere Under the Rainbow is an accessible game for the whole family because of its cheerful theme and clear game rules. Because the rules are very clear and simple, the game is also very suitable for less experienced players. The actions are self-explanatory and not difficult. In addition, you don't have to worry about forgetting the actions, because the game includes a handy player aid! Somewhere Under the Rainbow is really more of a family game, so you should expect that. For the experienced player, there may be some things missing here, but who knows what they will introduce during the Kickstarter. It may be a somewhat easier game, but it offers many different mechanisms such as set collection and grid movement. This combination of mechanisms is interesting and makes for challenging gameplay.

Somewhere Under the Rainbow reminds us a bit of one of our favorite abstract puzzle games Azul. Azul is a similar game because of its accessibility and beautiful components, but also because of its gameplay. Both Azul and Somewhere Under the Rainbow contain a challenging puzzle. This puzzle element really appeals to us.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize again that the quality of the components is very high and the artwork is beautiful. Before we had played the game at all we were in love with the cover, the rainbow maker, the tray and the funny artwork on the cards. The gameplay ties into this and is entertaining. This makes playing Somewhere Under the Rainbow a complete and joyful experience. We can't wait to see this cool Kickstarter on more people's tables! The Kickstarter will launch on October 21, until that time you can take a look at the website or sign up on the pre-launch page!

Pros and cons

+ Colorful family game
+ Unique theme
+ Beautiful components and design

- Can get simple for the experienced player


This game has been kindly gifted to us for preview purposes by Tickle Bear Games. This preview was created using a prototype of the game. The final version may look different.