Preview: Life of the Amazonia

In Life of the Amazonia, you are going to create the most diverse jungle by planting trees, placing animals and restoring land!


Bad Comet




Game overview

In Life of the Amazonia, you are going to create the most diverse jungle possible by restoring land and placing animals and trees!

A round consists of an action phase in which you can pay resources for actions. These resources are in your bag of which you get 5 each turn. An important mechanism in this game is bag building. One of the actions lets you buy new resource tokens that are worth more, allowing you to do better actions in the future. 

Other actions include terrain restoration, with which you can expand your jungle. With animals you receive the most points. You can buy them and place them in your jungle. They have to comply with certain rules. For example, some animals are only allowed in the savanna and some only in a tree.

By constantly expanding your jungle and placing animals, you gain more and more environment points. You need these points to win the game at the end. You get points by placing animals and trees, but also by buying nature cards or bonuses. When there are 5 animal cards without meeples on them, the game ends and the player with the most points wins! 

Our thoughts

Life of the Amazonia is a game with a big "wow" factor! Opening the box only reinforces this. A lot of attention has been paid to the design and art of this game. You can see this for example in the 3d waterfall and the animeeples. 

Besides beautiful artwork and special components, Life of the Amazonia also offers fun and challenging gameplay. It's a mix of bag building and pattern building. The rules are clear, but the gameplay is very thinky. We found the combination of the two mechanisms very nicely executed. Life of the Amazonia, like its predecessor, Wild, is a wonderful and fun game! One downside to the game is the long play time and downtime. Actually, we had the same experience with Wild. It doesn't make the game less fun for us, but it does sometimes make the game feel a bit drawn out. With more players, a game quickly takes more than 2 hours. For families or people with little patience, this can definitely be on the (too) long side. 

The replayability is very high due to the different sets of animal cards. Because of the different animals, you will also have to bag build in a different way, and that is definitely an addition that we really like! We look forward to exploring this game further. We will definitely play Life of the Amazonia more often, but because of the long playtime, this game won't be coming to the table very soon. 

If you are a fan of bag building and pattern building, Life of the Amazonia is really a perfect game. However, you have to keep in mind that you won't play this game in half an hour. But, a game as beautiful as this deserves some of your time, of course! 

Pros and cons

+ Nice artwork
+ Challenging
+ Good combination of mechanisms

- Playtime is on the long side


This game has been kindly gifted to us for review purposes by Bad Comet. This preview was created using a prototype of the game. The final version may look different.