Gift suggestions under 20 euro's

Games under 20 euros are perfect if you are looking for a gift for someone but certainly offer enough challenge for yourself. We've listed 6 of them for you!

Are you looking for a gift under 20 euros? We have 6 fun games for you on a list under 20 euros. Nice to get, but also nice for your wallet! 

1. Lost Cities Roll & Write

Cost: €16
Playtime: 30 minutes
Publisher: Kosmos 

Looking for a gift for someone who loves Qwixx and/or the card game Lost Cities? Then you have the perfect gift on your hands with Lost Cities Roll & Write. This dice game is simple, but always fun to play. Because of the simple rules, this game is also very suitable for beginning board game players. But also for advanced players Lost Cities Roll & Write is great! This dice game knows how to bring out the feeling of the card game. 

2. Polders Flip & Write

Cost: €20
Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Publisher: Jolly Dutch

Polders is a new, original flip & write from Jolly Dutch. In this game, players take on the role of investors in the great Dutch Polders of the Golden Age. In Polders you will draw areas and combine them with buildings. Think flip & writes contain little interaction? This one doesn't! In Polders you have to pass your player board, on which you draw, every time. This requires you to keep thinking carefully and make tactical choices to outsmart your opponents. With Polders you have a unique gift anyway! 

3. TEN

Cost: €20
Playtime: 15-30 minutes

Publisher: AEG

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves fast-paced card games, but can also appreciate a game of Quacks from time to time? Then you need look no further. In that case, TEN is the perfect gift! This is a new, push your luck card game. TEN is getting incredibly good reviews. If you give this game away during the holidays, chances are that after you unwrap it, you'll end up at the table playing a game of TEN (and another... and another... and maybe another).  

4. Cafe

Cost: €18
Playtime: 20-45 minutes

Publisher: Hot Games

Café by Hot Games is, as the title says, a perfect gift for coffee lovers. In Café, you are the owner of a company that produces coffee. You will deliver this coffee to coffee bars in Portugal. Your goal is to make the best production chain. This game has nice artwork and is accessible to different types of players. Café is playable both solo and with multiple people. It is an interesting puzzle that will give you many hours of fun. 

5. Cartographers

Cost: €20
Players: 1-100 
Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Publisher: Intrafin

Perhaps our favorite from this list, Cartographers! This incredibly fun flip & write game is perfect for gifting. Fans of drawing, tetris and flip & writes will love this game. We have played this game many times and it is still fun. Looking for more than one gift? Then you can also give the map packs as gifts. These provide even more replayability and fun!

6. Welcome To

Cost: €20
Playtime: 25 minutes

Publisher: Jumping Turtle Games

One of the games that we recommend first to beginning board game players, but also to people who already have many games on their shelf, is Welcome To. Actually, we have never seen any negative reactions to this game, which makes it a must-have in this list. This game is perfect for people who like to play Qwixx, but are ready for a bit more challenge. Thanks to the tactical choices this game remains fun for experienced players as well. Welcome To and its successor Welcome To The Moon are 2 of our most played games!